Giving Back

Caring Cards creator Kathie Nitz established a charitable fund in her mom's honor called the "Dosi-Do" Fund.

What is the fund's purpose?

To support organizations that provide opportunities to bridge generations through meaningful inter-generational programs, interactions and conversations with a preference for programs for family caregivers.

These activities can promote better understanding and create memorable moments to treasure forever.

For instance, creating an event at the local audubon where generations (especially caregivers and their loved ones) would come together to enjoy a respite of meaningful conversation, hiking and nature and create memories together to last a lifetime.

The fund is a donor advised fund administered by the Connecticut Community Foundation.

What was the inspiration to establish the fund?  Kathie shares the story ...

"My mom had a very difficult childhood as did many children of her generation.  Throughout her adult life, she continued to encounter life changing challenges including being widowed in midlife and becoming a caregiver to her own mother with dementia.

Through it all, my mom maintained a resilient and generous spirit which I have always respected and admired.  She never gave up and always helped those less fortunate even when she had very little herself.

Several years ago I came up with the idea to begin a charitable fund in my mom's honor.  It would give me a way to preserve her legacy of resiliency and generosity.

When I first told my mom about my desire to create the 'Dosi-Do' Fund (before her dementia was as advanced as it is now), she clasped her hands in front of her heart and said with a huge smile 'I never though I'd be in a position to do something like that!'  This was the only reassurance I needed to forge ahead with my plan!

Since my mom was my muse for creating Caring Cards, my vision of establishing a fund in her honor aligned beautifully with the product I was originally inspired to create to promote meaningful connection with her."

What does the name "Dosi-Do" mean?

The playful name "Dosi-Do" Fund has sentimental origins.  Kathie's dad, Ed, affectionately called her mom (Doreen) "Do" until he passed away too soon.  After Kathie was married, her husband, Steve, lovingly began calling his mother-in-law "Dosi-Do" or "Dosi" for short.  To this day, even through the fog of her dementia, Doreen's face lights up when Steve calls her by that nickname.  So, it just seemed natural and appropriate for the charitable fund to be named in a way that brings joy to Doreen while also lovingly recalling husband/father Ed.

In addition, "do-si-do" is a square dancing term which means when two persons advance, pass around each other back to back, and return to their places.  

Since Caring Cards create a conversational dance when people exchange stories, it gave it double meaning!

How are the "Dosi-Do" Fund and Caring Cards connected?

For every set of Caring Cards purchased our our site at full retail price ($9.95/set), $1 of the sale will be donated to the fund. Periodically, there will be special fund raising events to generate an even larger donation for the fund!

How can you support the "Dosi-Do" Fund?

In addition to purchasing Caring Cards, you may go to the "Dosi-Do" Fund on the Connecticut Community Foundation's site to contribute directly to this worthwhile cause.