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Our lives are our stories

Sharing memories is a great way to deepen your relationships especially with an aging relative. Listening to and viewing our loved ones through fresh ears and eyes can deepen trust at a tender time of life while also showing respect and honoring their journey. 

Praise and Appreciation for Caring Cards

"One of the deepest needs we have as individuals is to feel understood - and I believe this feeling gets stronger as we get older.  Sharing and recording life stories is a powerful way to build understanding, and Caring Cards® can make this easy and enjoyable.  Kudos to Kathie Nitz for developing this wonderful resource." 

David Troxel, Author "A Dignified Life: The Best Friends Approach to Alzheimer's Care"

"When my mum moved into a nursing home I was struck by how difficult it felt to come up with things to talk to her about. It felt so limiting to ask her about her day when her world had seemed to shrink.  I found Caring Cards on the Internet.  Having such rich questions on hand opened both our worlds again. 

After my mum passed, Caring Cards were also helpful to use as a way of conversing with my siblings and mum's sister and family in preparing her eulogy.  They allowed us to move beyond dates, places, single events and helped us capture the essence of who she was as a person."

Dr. Kathleen Brasher Manager Active Ageing Unit at Council on the Ageing in Victoria Australia

"These cards are truly amazing. I was initially a little skeptical but no longer!  My visit with my mother today was extraordinary compared to our usual painfully long visit. I actually stayed about an hour longer than I normally do and didn't even notice the time passing. I usually count the seconds. She kept saying "Ask me another one!"  It was the best talk we have had in as long as I can remember.  Thank you so much again for this wonderful gift."

Marguerite Case

"Caring Cards eased the tension of not knowing what to say to our aging mom and created a wonderful evening of love, laughter and richness that will be held close to our hearts for many years to come. This valuable pack of thoughtful questions is a true gift to caregivers and their aging parent. The spark was reignited!"

K. Whitley

"Caring Cards are a wonderful way to help caregivers connect with individuals with dementia! Many times our care givers focus on the tasks at hand and forget how vital it is to connect with the person first!

Caring Cards helps to engage on a personal level.  Simple yes and no questions, easy to ask, allowing people with dementia to have a voice.  Communication is made easier, staff enjoy the interaction, families love the ease to start ones day off in a positive way.  Every one benefits! 

I have been in the field for over 25 years and endorse this brilliant easy product to use.  We all have a history to share, we all need to connect person to person.  Caring Cards will help make the connections easier!  Wonderful work Kathie!" 

Randy Griffin, RN MS HNC Consultant, Coach, Speaker and Author of "Changing the Culture of Dementia Care"

"My father and I have very different opinions on just about everything. Conversations often ends with someone being annoyed or having their feelings hurt. I am always searching for ways to connect with my father where we both leave with a smile on our faces. Caring Cards are a perfect way for us to do just that. My father loves sharing his memories and I love hearing them! We use a few cards each week at our Friday night dinners. Thanks to Caring Cards®, we now have long, meaningful conversations."

T. Levine

"My husband and I pulled out Caring Cards® while my parents were visiting over the holidays.  It was the richest moment of the visit.  One by one each answered the same question, discovering stories and details about each other that we hadn't know before.  'Bridging generations' is right on target, because sharing our experiences sparked a long conversation where we learned about unexpected similarities among us, and in other cases, got to uncover an unknown bit of personal lore that helped us understand the other in new ways.  I even learned something new about my husband of nearly 20 years!  These cards would be fun and meaningful in so many settings, and even all by yourself, to get to know yourself better.  Love them!"

Adrienne W.

"I facilitate a story group for seniors every week which brings me much joy and the greatest stories on the planet. I used Caring Cards in one of my sessions recently and the seniors LOVED it! Kathie Nitz, the creator of Caring Cards, is an amazing and compassionate woman who understands the needs of seniors and has crafted her product with care and love. That's the best combination for anything anyone puts out in the world. Thank you, Kathie!"

Uma Girish, Co-founder of International Grief Council

"Kathie, I was delighted to listen to you as the keynote speaker at the New Milford VNA 'Caring for our Community' annual fund raising breakfast.  I loved your story and watching the audience participate in using your Caring Cards.  Your story was inspirational and relatable to everyone in the room and I found it personally moving. I have worked in nursing home and hospice settings, and I fully understand the deep personal need to communicate with a loved one in a way that does not include talking about disease, treatment options, medication or side effects.  I currently work as a memorial planner, helping individuals preplan or families experiencing a loss to create personal and meaningful memorial services.  Your Caring Cards are perfect!" 

Bernadette Plescia, Memorial Planner at Celebrate Me Home

"This valuable pack of thoughtful questions is a true gift."


The Inspiration

A message from Caring Cards creator Kathie Nitz: 

"I was inspired to create these cards as a way to connect with my mom.  As her caregiver, I could see she was increasingly depending on me to generate our conversations.  This challenge led me to create Caring Cards® as a tool to promote meaningful connection and an opportunity to preserve her legacy.

Caring Cards® enabled me to easily stimulate her wisdom and stories, and she was delighted to have my full attention and feel valued. We've spent many hours chatting, laughing and learning a lot about each other.

Now it's your turn!  My hope is that Caring Cards® will generate interesting conversations and create memorable moments for you and your family and friends, too. Enjoy!"

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Mission & Vision

"Bridging generations through conversations” isn’t just our tag line! It’s our mission.

Although Caring Cards® were originally designed to engage someone with dementia, they have quickly been embraced by anyone seeking to promote meaningful connection especially with aging loved ones.

Children and teens in particular may struggle with or avoid spending time with elders. Caring Cards® help generations find common ground through the sharing of oral histories which strengthens the relationship and deepens the bond.

In addition, home health care agencies, skilled nursing and assisted livings communities, youth and support groups and even financial advisors are a few of the many who offer Caring Cards® to caregivers and their families as a useful and appreciated tool. 

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How To Use

Caring Cards contain 50+ questions that are:

• consists of a wide range of topics

• suitable for all ages and stages of life

• open-ended to avoid simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers

• varied and provide lots of choices

• designed to be used throughout the year to encourage broader memory recall

• created to promote good conversation and heartwarming memories

Questions are centered around themes including accomplishments, childhood, hobbies, and work.  Here are some examples from the deck:

• "What are some life lessons you would like to share with people?"

• "What type of dancing was popular when you were a teenager?"

• "How do you know someone loves you?" 

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Giving Back

Did you know that $1 from every set of Caring Cards purchased on our website is donated to a very special charity?

Yep ... 10% of every set sold! We couldn't do it without you.

So, what's this special charity? It's called the "Dosi-Do Fund" and was created by Caring Cards creator Kathie Nitz in honor of her mom.

When you purchase a set of Caring Cards, you will make a difference in the life of the person you will make time to connect with as well as your own.  You'll create memories memories you'll treasure forever.

You'll also be donating to a charity that helps bridge generations through meaningful inter-generational programs, interactions and conversations with a preference for programs for family caregivers.

These activities can promote better understanding and create memorable moments to treasure forever. 

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