More insights from Caring Cards creator Kathie Nitz

Caring Cards creator with her mom

Caring Cards creator Kathie with her mom

"In addition to being inspired by my own experiences, I also watched many other adult children sit in frustration and/or silence while visiting their loved one.  I knew Caring Cards® could help creating meaningful connection with their loved one, too!

They help you move beyond the custodial conversations such as 'Did you take your medicine?' and 'How's the weather?' and create groundwork for trust and understanding to deepen the relationship.

It's really about being her daughter again.  Asking my mom 'Tell me about your parents' allowed me to better understand her and learn so much about her journey.

As a caregiver to my mom, spending time together often included her accompanying me while I ran errands. The first time I incorporated Caring Cards® during a visit, she looked at me at the end and said 'I had such a nice time today.  I felt so included!'  I had tapped into something important that made her feel valued and added deeper meaning to our time together.

I have two favorite memories I'd like to share with you from using Caring Cards® with my mom.

The first was when I asked her 'What type of dancing was popular when you were a teenager?'  There was a long silence, then she finally said (while seated in her wheelchair):  'I'm not sure what it was called but it went like this...' and then proceeded to use her fingers on the tabletop to show me the dance.  So precious!

The other is when I asked her 'How do you know if someone loves you?'  She said 'Oh, that's easy!  You feel it!'  I asked 'What does it feel like?'  She answered 'It's warm and soft.'  Indeed, mom, love feels warm and soft!

I'll remember her responses to these and all the questions for the rest of my life."