More Praise

“We’ve had A LOT of positive feedback from staff and volunteers. The note below really encapsulates the responses:

‘I just wanted to let you know how appreciated the Caring Cards have been! Yesterday they helped in facilitating a deep and meaningful conversation between a mother and daughter. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and for this wonderful gift!’”

~Kristen Van Tuyl, Volunteer Coordinator at Bristol Hospice Oregon

"I recently sent a set of Caring Cards to a friend. Here's a thank you I received from her and thought you'd appreciate reading and sharing:

'The Caring Cards are really a wonderful idea. Thank you for thinking of us. I really appreciate any ideas that friends might have. I have used the cards four different ways so far. My husband and I used them together. On Wednesday night a friend and his wife came to the house after dinner and we sat around the table and the four of us took turns. His wife also has Alzheimer's so it was a double challenge. On Friday our male hospice volunteer was with my husband for two hours so I suggested that they would both get to know each other better if they try the cards. Saturday night we had a cookout with friends. After dinner we sat around the living room and each person took a card and answered the question several times around before dessert. It was a game that my husband could participate in. It was quite interesting what new things can be learned about people that you have known 50-60 years...' "

~Kathy B.

"We use Caring Cards when our seniors are bonding with a 6th grade class that visits us weekly. It is the perfect way for them to get to know each other and the cards help to bridge the generation gap. I would recommend them to everyone that works with seniors."

~Sally Harding, Director of Client Services at ElderHouse

"When I owned my home care company, I always kept several decks of Kathie's Caring Cards on hand in my office. They are the perfect aid to forging a strong bond between caregiver and a new client with dementia or Alzheimer's disease. The questions listed on the cards are great for getting all kinds of people to learn more about each other, whether it's a caregiver, an adult child or grandchildren. Simply put, Caring Cards are relationship builders with a group of people who are difficult to reach. I highly recommend Caring Cards and Kathie Nitz!"

Riva Shoshana, Owner of Riva's Rides (Chair Car Service)

"I just opened and skimmed thru some of the Caring Cards® questions. I sure wish I had these when my Dad was alive. Though he lived in an assisted living facility he was, most of the time, fairly independent. I’d go weeks at a time without seeing him but would call him most evenings. Our conversations usually ranged from meaningless to downright nonsense but it kept us connected and let him know every day that I cared. Even if I had asked him one of these questions once a week it would have instilled substance to conversations that at times were uncomfortable.I lost my Dad to a fall and resulting brain injury in May of last year. Though I obviously haven’t used the cards please consider this a testimonial from someone who wishes he had had that opportunity."

Bob Sherman

"We love your Caring Cards!  We have found that they are a fantastic pick up item at our register. Customers will be looking at them while they are in line or checking out. That's been a great opportunity for us to share your story of how the cards came to fruition. Our customers who have purchased them have ranged from Moms buying them to share with their own kids to Grandmoms buying them to share with their grandchildren. We have heard how Caring Cards have generated many wonderful conversations and have created a treasured experience. I would highly recommend Caring Cards as a consumer and retailer!"

Liz Page, co-owner of Newbury Place

"THANK YOU, Kathie, for being the guest speaker at our annual 'Caring for Our Community' fund raising breakfast!!!! You delivered a wonderful message about how meaningful conversations can build and nourish a culture of care. I could see that you touched many people in the audience of nearly 200 professionals. We were delighted when many lingered afterward to visit at their tables and get to know each other better through using your Caring Cards® as conversation starters. Thank you for weaving your cards, your voice, your journey with the NMVNA & Hospice mission. It was perfect."

Business Development Manager at New Milford VNA & Hospice

"I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for providing your Caring Cards to my company, Synergy Home-Care of Connecticut. I thought you might be interested in the following account of the profound effect your cards had on one of my dear clients, Monica.

Monica is 93 years young and has been under our 24/7 live-in care for the past 13 months. We began caring for her after she returned home from a 6 week rehab stay to recover from a stroke. I'm pleased to report that Monica has regained much of her strength and is now able to live with dignity in her own home with the help of our live-in caregiver, Queen.

Unfortunately a few months ago, Monica's dementia began to progress to the point where she became withdrawn and less interactive with Queen on a daily basis as well as family members who would visit her once a month. It was at this point that I took a deck of your cards to Monica's house and instructed Queen on their use.

I'm pleased to report that your Caring Cards had an almost immediate positive effect on Monica's abilities to engage in conversation. It turns out that Monica owned her own business in New York City from 1960 to 1986 and has led a rich and interesting life. Queen has been able to help Monica re-live many of her past life experiences with the help of your cards!

Based on the impact your Caring Cards have had with Monica, I'm sure you will be receiving more orders from Synergy Home-Care moving forward."

Jim Crossett, President of Synergy Home-Care